Vol. 60 Mg. Bd.

Submissions Review Editors

Tara More
John Eubanks
Page Garbee
Nathaniel Pribil
Jack Danon
Rebecca Lamb
Grace Katalinich
Daniel Baquet
Manal Cheema
Isabelle Lelogeais
David Wang

Productions Editors

Daniel Cody
Alex Caton
Eleanor Coates
Erin Brown
Jordan Walsh
Kyle McGoey
Jolena Zabel
Pierce MacConaghy
Christian Sorenson
Hannah Keefer
Rachel Raycraft

Publications Editors

Callie Ring
Carly Wasserman
Leah Deskins
Anne Bigler
Hannah Hummel
India Ghosh
Dominick Giovanniello
Christian Rice
Erica Johnson

Notes Editors

Alex Karahalios
Armina Manning
Hayley Hahn
Lisa Bennett
Aidan Coleman

Online Editors

Ray Hou
Scott Bouboulis
Ines Tulic
Lily Teague
Jeremy Gordon

Research & Projects Editors

Joy Wang
Ana Tobar
Kolleen Gladden
Jen Kelso
Marc Petrine

Assistant Managing Editors

William Kelly
Brian Bruzzo
Chance McCraw
Steven Bonniwell
Avalee Hagerty
Alex Gregorio

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