After the Max: Rebuilding U.S. Aviation Leadership

In VJIL’s first publication in Volume 60, After the Max: Rebuilding U.S. Aviation Leadership, 60 Va. J. Int’l L. Online 1 (2019), aviation expert Roncevert Ganan Almond explores the legal aftermath of the 737 Max cashes, specifically:

“[t]he Trump administration’s political response, deregulatory agenda, and disdain for international institutions.”

Almonds’ Online Essay proposes four areas for reform and calls for an examination of the Federal Aviation Administration’s system of delegation:

“[T]he United States should approach the 737 MAX accidents as an opportunity to rebuild its leadership role by conducting a thorough and transparent investigation and reforming its regulatory oversight program.

“Areas for reform include: (1) increasing supervision and control of appointed personnel at designated organizations; (2) improving the staffing methodology and training program for FAA aircraft engineers overseeing designees; (3) developing more effective guidance material and job aids to enable oversight of delegated functions; (4) escalating surveillance and enforcement in relation to designated organizations; and (5) providing the adequate political will and resources for the FAA to strengthen its oversight of industry designees.”

Read the full Essay here.

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