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Contextualizing Cost Shifting: A Multimethod Approach – Sergio Puig

Tackling Fossil Fuel Subsidies Through International Trade Agreements: Taking Stock, Looking Forward – Cleo Verkuijl, Harro van Asselt, Tom Moerenhout, Liesbeth Casier, and Peter Wooders


Armed Conflict at the Threshold? – Deborah Pearlstein


The Utility of Futility: Local Remedies Rules in International Investment Law – Zachary Mollengarden



Procedural Justice In Transnational Contexts – Stephen Cody & Alexa Koenig

Stealth Theocracy – Yvonne Tew

Analogies in Detentions: Distorting the Balance Between Military Necessity and Humanity – Charles Pendleton Trumbull IV

Discursive Justice: Interpreting World War II Litigation in Japan – Timothy Webster


Enforcement of International Treaties by Domestic Courts of Iran: New Developments – Farshad Rahimi Dizgovin



External Dimensions of the French Constitution – John Bell

The External Dimensions of Constitutions – Eyal Benvenisti & Mila Versteeg

Refugees Misdirected: How Information, Misinformation, and Rumors Shape Refugees’ Access to Fundamental Rights – Melissa Carlson, Laura Jakli, & Katerina Linos

Country-Specific Investments and the Rights of Non-Citizens – Adam Chilton & Eric Posner

Detaining Non-Citizens: Political Competition and Weak v. Strong Judicial Review – Rosalind Dixon & Brigid McManus

The American Founding and Global Justice: Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian Approaches – David Golove

Constitution in the World: The External Dimensions of South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Constitution – Heinz Klug

Vulnerable Insiders: Constitutional Design, International Law, and the Victims of Internal Armed Conflict in Colombia – David Landau

The Rights of Aliens under the United States Constitution: At the Border and Beyond – George Rutherglen

Israel’s External Constitution: Friends, Enemies, and the Constitutional/Administrative Law Distinction – Adam Shinar

Alien Citizens: Kurds and Citizenship in the Turkish Constitution – Ozan Varol

Sovereignty and Beyond: The Double Edge of External Constitutionalism – Neil Walker



Weathering the “Perfect Storm:” Welcoming Refugees While Protecting the United States at Home and Abroad – Peter Vincent

Legislating Transnational Jurisdiction – Aaron Simowitz

Statutory International Law – Ashley Deeks

Building Multilateral Anticorruption Enforcement: Analogies between International Trade & Anti-Bribery LawRachel Brewster & Christine Dryden

Unintended Agency Problems: How International Bureaucracies Are Built and EmpoweredAnu Bradford, Stavros Gadinis, & Katerina Linos


A Design-Around for the United States Design Patent System: What Can the United States Learn from the United Kingdom and Canada in the Aftermath of Samsung v. Apple?Katherine McNutt

Otherwise Occupied: The Legal Status of the Gaza Strip 50 Years after the Six-Day WarRoi Bachmutsky



Germany’s German ConstitutionRussell Miller

Interpretive DivergenceNeha Jain

Constitutional Design Two Ways: Constitutional Drafters as JudgesRosalind Dixon


Decentering or Decentralizing? Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights in Federal SystemsReedy C. Swanson