Board of Advisors


The Board of Advisors helps with selecting articles, organizing the symposium and the sixtieth anniversary banquet, and other activities, such as keeping VJIL informed about critical developments in international law.

At the University of Virginia

  • Kevin Cope
  • Ashley Deeks
  • Doug Ford
  • A.E. Dick Howard
  • David Martin
  • John Moore
  • Thomas Nachbar
  • George Rutherglen
  • John Setear
  • Paul Stephan
  • Pierre-Hughes Verdier
  • Mila Versteeg

At Other Universities

  • Anthony Clark Arend (Georgetown Law)
  • Richard B. Bilder (University of Wisconsin)
  • Curtis A. Bradley (Duke Law)
  • Jack Goldsmith (Harvard Law)
  • Jonathan Hamilton (White & Case, former Editor-in-Chief)
  • Peter S. Vincent (International Lawyer)