Board of Advisors

The Virginia Journal of International Law keeps a Board of Advisors who help with selecting articles, organizing the annual symposium, and ensuring that the journal stays up to date on current topics in international law. The current Board of Advisors includes:

At the University of Virginia:

Kevin Cope

Ashley Deeks

Doug Ford

A.E. Dick Howard

David Martin

John Moore

Thomas Nachbar

George Rutherglen

John Setear

Paul Stephan


Mila Versteeg

At Other Universities:

Anthony Clark Arend (Georgetown Law)

Richard B. Bilder (University of Wisconsin)

Curtis A. Bradley (Duke Law)

Jack Goldsmith (Harvard Law)

Jonathan Hamilton (White & Case, former Editor-in-Chief of VJIL)

Peter S. Vincent (Thomson Reuters GC, former Editor-in-Chief of VJIL)

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