Authors, including students, may submit several types of manuscripts to the Virginia Journal of International Law: Articles, Notes, Essays, Responses, and Case Comments.


We publish Articles in print three times annually. Articles are distributed to our subscribers, who still number in the hundreds, including libraries and databases across the world, and are available on LexisNexis and Westlaw. Our Articles have been cited in multiple courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice.


Notes are articles written by law students, which can be submitted in our Notes Pools. We offer multiple monetary awards for exceptional student Notes. “Note” that the first manuscript ever published in the Virginia Journal of International Law (after we took that name in 1962) was a Note written by the journal’s co-founder, Henry D. McCoy II, on the legal relationships between American companies and their European subsidiaries under then-brand new European antitrust regulations.

The VJIL Notes Development team is pleased to assist UVA Law students interested in submitting a Note to VJIL. Students interested in Notes Advising should fill out this brief survey. Please note that we are unable to advise students on work they write for a class until after they have submitted it for a grade. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the Notes Development Editor, Hayley Hahn, at


The Virginia Journal of International Law also publishes Online. Essays are shorter, usually topical, lightly-footnoted, and often time-sensitive. Case Comments briefly discuss recent U.S. court cases with international implications. Responses vary in length but address issues raised in the Virginia Journal of International Law by other authors, online or in print. We offer multiple monetary awards for exceptional student-authored Essays and Case Comments.