VJIL offers several different publication options: traditional print articles, student notes, and online articles through the VJIL Digest. We also offer two writing competitions: the Human Rights Writing Competition and the Hardy Cross Dillard Prize.

Print Articles

VJIL publishes traditional print articles three times per yer. Articles are published alongside other articles chosen for the same issue. These articles are printed and distributed to our subscribers, and later become available on LexisNexis and Westlaw. Printed articles are typically longer in length, though it varies.


Articles written by students while in law school are considered notes. VJIL typically publishes one or two notes in every volume that is printed, alongside normal articles. Notes can be submitted in our regular notes pools, or they can be submitted to compete in our writing competitions.

VJIL Digest

The VJIL Digest is our online publication. Articles are typically shorter than what is published in our printed issues, and it is published on an ad hoc basis. This is an excellent option for shorter or time sensitive articles, as the editing process is generally shorter than the traditional process.

For more information about the requirements for each type of article, see below:

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